Mountain Mist
Sundance Green
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Art Works
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Here we can show you the various pots and art workswe have for sale here in our studio. We will update itperiodically as new pieces come out of the kiln. We work with other glazes and techniques and this is where we can let you know what else we've been working on! Please call or email with any questions or if you just want us to call you back and talk with you about what you see here.
10x10 crystalline plate
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Our crystalline glaze flows and pools, creating different effects on each piece. These plates can be used as dinnerware or as display pieces.
Flared Crystalline Latte Mugs
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Each of these latte mugs is entirely unique. We use a combination of crystalline, flowing glazes over oxides  |  to get various effects and colors.
Porcelain Paintings
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These "paintings" are wall pieces that can also be used as plates. The crystalline glazes combine with the oxides that Thom airbrushes on them to create varied and beautiful effects on each piece. Absolutely no two will turn out alike, which is the appeal of this glaze!
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Each of our high-fire porcelain pieces are wheel-thrown and individually glazed--no two pieces are exactly alike. The glaze is safe for use with all foods and is lead-free. Each item is dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe, but not intended for use directly on a burner.